WANT! Soap and Glory Cosmetics

I'm not a makeup person usually, but I will fully admit to being a soap and glory junkie! I love all their products, and the imitation supermarket products just can't compare, especially smell-wise. So when I heard S&G brought out a cosmetics range I had to jump online and take a look. These are my favourite bits, I'd love to try them out! In particular the blush looks super sweet, and I've heard good things about the 'lid stuff' eyeshadow:

blush £11 / concealer and 'lid stuff' £10 / all boots

To Cardiff!

I know, I know. Bad Blogger. The SW Blogger Meet-Up was truly amazing, in fact so great I entirely forgot to take any photos whatsoever! Not so good. So I'll be waiting until everyone else has stuck their photos up and nab a couple (with credit of course) to illustrate my upcoming post about it. Today is one of my housemate's birthdays; we made her an amazing cake (chocolate, chocolate and a bit more chocolate) and we're off to Cardiff today for a shopping/fashion show trip. Here's my outfit for bus-ing my way into the Welsh Capital;

dress: primark / cardi: ebay / shoes: charity shop / necklace: topshop

Cupcake Pink and White

Check out my hair, guys! I'm feeling right back to being myself again and I'm so happy about it, who knew hair colour (and cut) could make that much of a difference to how I feel? Well, brown hair looks beautiful on so many people but I just felt it looked blah on me, so when I looked in the mirror any inspiration I had for blogging just vanished, whoosh. Other than dying my hair, lately I've been trying to keep up with Uni work and that's pretty much it; I'm not regretting choosing Biological Basis of Behaviour as one of my modules, but wow it's such hard work! I'm dreading when the assignments start pouring in too, though at least I'm only doing four subjects right now. There's also the South Wales Blogger Meet to look forward to that is happening very soon, expect a bumper post on that after the 12th :3

dress: bodyline via ebay | cardi: new look via ebay | shoes: draven
necklace: gift | hair: special fx cupcake pink and directions 40 vol bleach