An Almost-Birthday

My 21st Birthday is this Saturday but as I'm going home tomorrow my lovely housemate Rosie surprised me with cake and gifts today! I also got gifts off of my other housemates and a lovely present from Jess, I'm too spoiled! Now, I'm going to go off and eat more cake and pack for going-home time, and I'm having lunch with my nan tomorrow morning too! :D

Cake and Pressies! Rosie got me the cutest nail polish set and a tiny stuffed bear

Gifts from Jess! I got a 'Mr. Owl', nail polish and some super sweet jewellery.


Marisota: Playing Dress-Up

With a lot of plus-size clothing these days, I have the problem that there isn't a large amount of variety with what is out there; similar to problems with finding things long enough or short enough in the shoulders (I have very small shoulders, let's not get into that.). It's either frumpy and middle-aged or trying too hard to fight some kind of self-righteous war that plus-sized ladies deserve to wear tiny bandage LBDs and ridiculous crop tops as much as the 'skinny' girls (which I wouldn't wear no matter what my size!). These plus-sized fashion cuties (available from a size 14) from Marisota, however, are just too cute! Joe Browns in particular has been a favourite brand for a while and it's nice to see it out there for all sizes;

Cute to Boot

I'm still totally in love with these boots. They've worn in so well and they're now buttery-soft and super warm in the cold weather; though it's not anywhere near as cold as I would expect for November! This outfit was yesterday's from when Rosie and myself took a slightly misguided trip into Cardiff on what is known as 'the busiest weekend of the year'; and it really lived up to it's name. I'm not good with crowds so I got a bit of a stress-head on. But I still managed to pick up a few Christmas presents whilst I was out and about! I've only got the bare minimum to make/get now (lots of chocolates to make as shown in my last post!). And it's not even December! Feeling accomplished.

dress: peacocks shirt: gift tights: peacocks boots: dr martens via schuh

Crafty Christmas: Chocolate Cuties

This Christmas, being a poor student, money is a real problem for me. However, I hit on a great idea and I thought I'd share it with you guys; home-made chocolates! These are super easy and cheap to make but the time and effort you put into them still makes it all worthwhile. This is the first batch I made that will soon be winging their way to the boyfriend's lovely housemates, and I'm really proud of how well they came out. I think overall per person the expenditure was about £2? Not bad. So here's what you have to do:

YOU WILL NEED: chocolate, silicone ice cube trays, cello bags, ribbon.

one. get yourself some chocolate! for this batch I use a BIG bar of a galaxy and two smaller lindt white chocolate/vanilla bars. You can also use other bits and bobs like honeycomb, caramel, nuts and flavourings or even odd things like cinnamon and chili! but this time I kept it simple.
two. melt your first 'layer'; I used milk on top and white on bottom so I melted the milk first and filled in half of the silicone moulds. These were then put in the freezer to set for about a half-hour. You can test how solid they are by poking it with your finger; as you're filling in the bottom layer you won't see any fingerprints.
three. repeat the process! melt the white (but be careful as white burns very easily) and pour on top of the milk chocolate in the moulds. Freeze again. If you want to do more layers you can, just follow step 2 over again.
four. pop out of the trays, stick in a little cello bag and tie with a ribbon! And you're done! Easy, right? It's a nice little gift for any chocolate lover, especially if you use fancy chocolate and cute accents. Using an icing bag to pipe designs on the top could be sweet also.

Creepy Punky Halloween-y

I know, I know, Halloween and all that is long over but I seem to be getting into the spooky spirit just now! I think all the hair-dye may be having an effect on my brain as I seem to be making an abrupt turn from florals and frilly to punky and (maybe a little) gothy, though I still love pink. The season's finally caught up with me. Here's a couple pieces I'm loving at the moment, that are making me made doe-eyes at my overdraft limit, haha. These would all look awesome with ripped tights, docs (or these heels!) and bright hair;

one. iron fist 'muertos' tee
two. TUK platinum leopard heels
three. kreepsville 666 zombie barbie mini
four. criminal damage zebra shorts
five. hell bunny tartan zip dress

A Birthday Wishlist

In 3 weeks it's going to be my birthday; my 21st in fact, but that doesn't matter very much to me and I'm really not planning to do anything for it if possible - I just don't enjoy things like that! I'd much rather spend the evening in with the boyfriend who should be coming down and visiting for it, which will be lovely. But anyway, one thing I do like about birthdays; presents! Here's what I'd love to receive this year:

one. this cute little hipflask is from urban outfitters, and I love the girly take on it! there are lots of different patterns and fabrics available too; I first spotted them back in October at the SW blogger meet and couldn't help taking a closer look. I'd keep, I don't know, orange squash in it or something.
two. this eyeshadow palette is by the amazing sugarpill, and I've heard some seriously great things about them. If I had this I'd probably wear eyeshadow a lot more often!
three. it's no secret I'm a Lolita fan; it's just a shame it's so, so expensive a fashion style. At least sites like bodyline are reasonably cheap and very cute, too. I could order millions upon millions of adorable jsk's from that site.
four. dr. martens 'triumph' boots; these ones have a floral interior as well which is just too sweet, and the ribbon makes them super girly as well as being warm and weatherproof. not to mention how pretty that purple shade is. Oh, and I know I already own these in brown but the purple is just TOO cute :3
five. a pink laptop! this is the one ridiculous item on my list, because there's no way i'm getting one. but isn't it so adorable?
six. 'daisy' by marc jacobs. they are my favourite flowers and also the scent of this is lovely, though to be honest it isn't at the top of my list because I have lots of other lovely perfumes already that I don't wear enough as it is!

Making Scaffolding

Just a quick one-photo post here to show you the newest part of my (small) collection, my scaffold piercing! I've gone a little piercing mad lately haha but I don't have any more planned for a while, that's for sure. Mind you, against my Septum Piercing nothing (facial-wise) can be as painful, I'm sure :p

Sky Explosions

This is what I will be wearing to go out and watch the fireworks tonight. Later on I think I might watch V for Vendetta because hey, if there's any day to watch it it's today! Check out my winter Docs too, these wore in so much faster than the other pairs I've owned and the ribbon laces are just darling too; not to mention they're super warm. Other than fireworks, today is made up of writing, writing, writing as I have a lab report due Tuesday. 1,900 words in out of 2,500 so it's not all bad. I look really miserable in this photo but I promise I'm not; just out of practice with taking photos of myself! Edit: I added a couple fireworks photos 'cos I'm really happy with how they came out c:

top: iron fist ; vest: peacocks ; boots: schuh ; jeans: matalan ; cardigan: h&m

I'm Not Dead

(photo c/o Rosie and featuring her, too)

Hey guys, I know it seems like I vanished off the face of the earth and I've been such a bad blogger! I will be back soon, I promise, double promise! Here's a little list of what I've been up to 'off-blog' that might clear my absence up a little;

  • starting my second year of uni properly
  • stressing over procrastinating over second-year uni assignments(!)
  • joining nightline, my university's night-time counselling phone service
  • seeing my boyfriend
  • the south wales blogger meetup
  • wearing in my new docs
  • going home for birthdays
  • having two halloweens (one good, one not-so-good)
  • being ill, as of last sunday.