The Christmas Haul

I was so lucky this holiday, I got so much and I'm super grateful for everything I received; everyone has been just so generous this year. I even treated myself to a new phone contract as mine is running out in a month's time and got myself an iPhone 3GS for only £15/month!

I celebrated Christmas eve at my boyfriend's house with his family where we did stocking presents and played Pictionary and then spent Christmas day with mine; we travelled up to my nan's and had a lovely Christmas lunch there as well as exchanging presents. And then it was back to the boyfriend's for the evening to watch old films and eat leftovers. A very good day overall. I hope you all had awesome Christmasses too. Here's just some(!) of my haul this year; 

Review: Barry M Ltd. Edition Lilac Foil Nail Polish

With one of my Christmas Pressies (a Superdrug Voucher!) I went and purchased one of these new nail effects 'foil' polishes by Barry M that everyone has been talking about; and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed! One of the great things about this polish if you're a messy painter like me is that it comes off from around your nails incredibly easy whilst staying perfect on the nail. And I adore the metallic grey-silver tone of the colour, it's a little bit different from all the other polishes I own. The polish seems pretty long-lasting too, this was after a couple day's wear and it has lasted well.

Skating on Ice

On Christmas Eve I went with my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend (and a couple of her friends) to nearby Ice-Skating rink at a garden centre. It was lovely and festive. I couldn't skate because of my ongoing problems with my knees but I had fun watching everyone else fall over and taking pictures! These photos were all taken on my new iPhone 3GS so apologies if they're worse quality than you're used to about the blog; I'm still getting used to using it :)

Happy Portalmas!

...and christmas, and holidays, and wintereenmas or whatever it is you celebrate! Whoever and wherever you are I hope you have a lovely day with friends, family and lots of great food. Here's an ambiguous non-religious holiday illustration that everyone (who has played portal) can appreciate;

Bristol Blogger Xmas Party: Boohoo Fashion Show Picks

One of the highlights of the blogger party was the mini fashion show put on by; there were some truly drool-worthy clothes in there! I took lots and lots of pictures and can I just say, the styling on the models was amazing! Some beautiful hair going on here as well as make-up. Here were some of my favourite picks;

This fake-leather-type dress was lovely, though I'm not sure I could pull it off myself! I love the idea of teaming it with a floaty floral type jacket as it takes the edge off the punkiness a little. Not too keen on the shoes, a little blah for me.

I loved this dress; very simple and elegant but draped enough to be flattering and short enough to work with trousers too if you wanted. I love these heels but unfortunately the models proved to us they can be very hard to walk in; the poor girls were stepping like show-horses to keep them on their feet!

The best for last; I adored this little red number, I think it is the kind of thing I would wear and wear, especially with the slightly punky belt. Swap out the peep-toe heels for some DMs and ta-dah! A very 'me' outfit.


The lovely Rosie got me a giant(!) cupcake baking set for our early christmas, and I just couldn't wait to use it; so here's my first, and disastrous, attempt. Basically, I didn't give the cake long enough in the oven and also didn't use enough mix so it sort of... collapsed in on yourself. My dad called it a 'cupsplat'. Thanks, dad! It still tasted yummy though.

Woolly Squirrels

I wasn't too sure on this jumper when I stuck it on for these photos, and since then I've returned it. It would be truly lovely on someone else but to be honest I'm just not comfortable in jumpers; give me thin layers any day! I first picked it up because the print was too darling and also it was not only the last one in the shop, it was in my size. So I'm returning it for someone who will take care of it and love it as such a beautiful garment requires. Oh, and also did I mention the squirrels? :D

jumper: matalan | skirt: warehouse via outfit | leggings: topshop

A Change in the Fashion Winds

Call me fickle, but I've suddenly become hugely in like with bodycon - or tube - style skirts and dresses; something I would never, ever wear about three months ago. In winter they are just so practical to wear in rainy and gross weather and you can layer them like anything and with anything, from floaty dresses to tight tees. Love!


Blargle Fargle has moved! I've finally made the transition over to my own '.com' address and I'm so pleased about it :D according to blogger redirection should happen automatically but just in case you might want to update your bookmark links to! <3

Early Xmas

Tomorrow I am off home for the christmas holiday, so today is a Uni-friends fake christmas day; this morning I exchanged presents with my housemates (and got some lovely things in return), and in a bit I am off to the pub for lunch with the girls on my course and the exchance secret santa presents! All very exciting. The only cloud to my silver lining (reverse metaphor there) is that the lovely white and pink flock print docs I ordered turned out not to exist and the company have not been very forthcoming with my refund, only sorting it this morning. On the hunt for pretty docs again, then.

dress: primark, cardi: h&m, tights: peacocks,
necklace: gift, nails: essence colour & go in choose me!

Bodycon Blue

Look at me wearing bodycon like that! Would you believe it? A few months ago I wouldn't have either and yet here I am. This 'skirt' is actually a heinously short dress; as it is I have to have the 'top' under my boobs because if I pulled it over the length would be slightly short of decent to say the least. I think I'll get lots of wear out of it, though, as it's a good 'layering' piece and for £3 in the sale you can't really go wrong, can you? Today I'm getting my now-unruly fluffball of hair chopped down to the length it should be, seeing my parents and starting my revision for my silly january exams, which I'm stressing over already.

dress: topshop, tee: iron fist, tights: ?, necklace: gift
nails: models own peach sherbert, pink cookie pink and topcoat, sharpie marker


I got new glasses! They cost a cringeworthy amount, but that's mostly because I'm blind as a bat and my prescription cost more than the frames since they need to be thinned at least 25% so I don't have tiny moleman eyes. The brand is Superdry and I got them from Vision Express. Let's hope my prescription doesn't change any more for now (like it has been every year since I was 8!) because I certainly can't afford another pair for a while!

My Birthday: In Photos

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful 21st birthday, I didn't do much (except drag my poor family/boyfriend around computer shops!) but it was just perfect. Here's a little photo-diary of what I received - feeling super lucky right now!;

My parents also got me driving lessons; so scared! I've already sent off for my provisional, eek D: I'm really grateful though, it's something I couldn't have afforded on my own in a million years! I also got lots of amazon vouchers for my new kindle, so I have a little file of books to read on there already! The HP laptop was a present to myself, and it's fair to say I'm pretty in love with her already :3

JD Williams: Winter Warmers

Not that it's finally looking more like winter (and it's December! what is going on, weather?) my mind has turned to one thing fashion-wise; coats, coats, coats! JD Williams do some gorgeous plus size coats that look they would look so snuggly for the colder months - or month, who knows? it could be tropical by January, but in the meantime I'd like to look good whilst freezing to death! These are a couple cuties I've been intensely window-shopping the past few days;