Addicted To: Paul's Boutique

I'm not normally one for expensive bits and bobs; I'm not brand-loyal at all and as a student a lot of the time cheap rip-offs and eBay items from China are my only option. However, last year for my birthday and for Christmas I received a Paul's Boutique diamond-print bag and patent blue purse. I'm in love! I find myself browsing the website at odd moments and finding all sorts of cute patterns and I adore the fact you can buy replacement or switchable 'charms' for the bags (even if they are £16! eek!) It's more of a window-shopping experience for me but a very nice one. Here's some of my current favourite eye-candy from the website;

charm - £16, card holder - £10,
cosmetics bag - £25, tilly twister bag - £66


  1. I used to be addicted to PB too, but now I've sold all my bags on eBay :( silly me! I should've sold them to you :) xx

    sweet monday

  2. I have about 30 pauls boutique bags i have been collecting them from his early days when they were large canvas sack bags!! i wish they still made that style .

  3. Oooh glad to hear of another blogger with a love for Paul's Boutique, I hate how it's so often stereotyped as being "for chavs". I got the skull print bag in the Molly design and a matching purse for Christmas. It's a gorgeous design!

  4. I like it too :] I have a PB jacket and bag. I love them both to bits XXX

  5. Oooo pretty, I actually really like their bags and was also thinking of getting the diamond one last year but I haven't checked them out recently so perhaps I should soon as I'm in need of a new handbag! xoxo

  6. I love PB, I don't own any, and i've never actually been able to find them in Australia, but I always admire them online!


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