Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly: Preparing Your Hair

'Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly' is a weekly feature on my blog for the next five weeks; as a hair-dye veteran I will be explaining what dyes and bleaches to go for, how to prepare your hair for dying, dying and bleaching your hair and appropriate aftercare. Of course, this is all stuff that has worked personally for me but as you're obviously not me don't take my word as gospel and please do as much research as your feel necessary to prepare yourself for transforming your hair.

Preparing your hair is a very important step to dying it; because unfortunately the process of bleaching and then dying can be very taxing on the hair. Just think of the scene-kids of a few years back with bleached white hair that looked like haystacks! This could happen to your hair if you don't take care of it first.

If your hair is in bad condition from previous dye use, I don't recommend bleaching. If your hair is currently dyed with a more normal colour (e.g. black, brown, red) my recommendation is to use Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall, which retails for around £13. I've reviewed it in a previous post and found the results excellent and my hair in far better condition for bleaching. I'd recommend leaving your hair at least a couple days after this to allow it to settle.

Switching to a moisture shampoo could also be very useful; I use Herbal Essences and occasionally Aussie and find it makes my hair feel far less dry and damaged. It's not worth buying a large one of these though as you'll probably prefer to use colour protect after dying unless you find your hair is really dry. Personally I've never used hair treatments such as Aveda's restructuring treatment but I've heard good reviews, so if you're still nervous about your hair condition it might be worth a try.

And finally, before bleaching make sure you have no cuts or sores on or around your scalp. From past experience, trust me when I say it hurts a lot if you get bleach in a sore as I have bleached my hair with psoriasis in the past. Really not recommended!

next week: bleaching your hair!


  1. I've found Aussie's reconstructor 3 minute miracle conditioner to be really good on dry damaged hair from dying! Since using it my hair no longer threatens to fall out everytime I apply heat haha :) Love this series! xxx

    1. Ooh, I'll look for that in the future! Thanks Helen, glad you're enjoying it ;) xx

  2. I was seriously just in Superdrug an half an hour ago debating with myself if I should buy a Colour B4, chickened out though lol, I'm off to check out your review on them now, thanks ^__^

  3. Great post. Very useful.xx


  4. i like this, it will be very useful in the future, your blog is just lovellyyyy, i will be visiting again very soon :)



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