How to keep safe on the Internet: Spotting a DSLR Scam

This post is a slight departure from my usual fashion-related items but after surfing the 'net for DSLR cameras I felt the need to write this post; about the camera scam. Being internet-savvy as I am (I've spent a LONG time on here and as such am incredibly paranoid of anything and everything) I immediately smelled a rat, but I know others wouldn't. And I particularly know many bloggers and my readers love photography, cameras and in particular shiny, fancy DSLRs and the prices can be very enticing to a skint student like myself. So, here's how to spot a fake or a scam;

Your first sign is the prices. So you've been looking for a website that's doing the £500 DSLR for cheap for just about forever, and then up pops this site offering it for £200. Now is the time for your alarm bells to start ringing; the store isn't one you've ever heard of and yet they are offering ridiculously low prices on all their items.

The next thing is the payment method. Unless it's someone you know or something you have arranged contractually with a company never ever ever just send money to a bank account. There will be no record other than on their end, you will not receive a receipt and poof! your money is magically gone forever, and you will never receive that too-good-to-be-true Pentax K-x.

Other things to keep an eye out for is the company address; if it's registered to a house rather than a business then most likely it's a scam. Also always check the website you are on is genuine - and the URL spelt right - as often these sort of scams will impersonate a real brand, and some are definitely cleverer than others making spotting a fraud very difficult.

I hope this was helpful to you! I certainly know if I were a couple years younger it would have been invaluable to me, and unfortunately there are some very nasty people out there. Keep safe on the internet, everyone :)


  1. Over the years I've got more and more paranoid about shopping online in shops I'm not familiar with, full stop ever since my paypal was hacked last year.
    Thankfully Lloyds were lovely and I got all my money back (Around £600) within the week, but it's still put me on edge.

    I bought my DSLR in Curry's for around £400 and it came with all bits and bobs plus insurance. Plus I like having the guarantee that if something goes wrong I have an actual HUMAN to talk to.
    Same with holidays - I could have booked my flights last year for about £150 cheaper than Thompsons, but in my head I'm all "what if something goes wrong and I have nobody to complain to...?" Haha. Paranoid android, I am! :D

  2. Really helpful post! I rarely spend a lot of money online, unless it's definitely a trusted brand. I bought my DSLR from a little family owned business in my local city. I never really thought about it but I'm really glad I did this, as not only were the owners genuine and helpful, but I was supporting them and not some online fake! :)


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