Geek Chic: Wonder Woman

For a while wonder woman became a big thing, on lunchboxes and mugs and all sorts. The craze seems to have died down a bit but you still can't forget her iconic american-flag style colours! She's the inspiration behind this outfit, which is sort of like what would wonder woman wear on a hot summer's day when she isn't fighting crime? I think this is about right;

top - skirt - belt - sandals - cuff - necklace


  1. Despite my hatred of sandals, I would probably wear this, because I always pick up on trends when they're out of fashion. My growing collection of superhero underwear proves this.

    Alternatively, some starry/red converse would look equally nice I think, but I'm just a converse addict (they're so comfy!)

  2. Another great geeky collection :) You're the best at these!


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