Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly: Bleaching

'Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly' is a weekly feature on my blog for the next five weeks; as a hair-dye veteran I will be explaining what dyes and bleaches to go for, how to prepare your hair for dying, dying and bleaching your hair and appropriate aftercare. Of course, this is all stuff that has worked personally for me but as you're obviously not me don't take my word as gospel and please do as much research as your feel necessary to prepare yourself for transforming your hair.

Here comes the exciting part! How to dye and bleach your hair yourself! This is the daunting bit for most people and I have to admit even I get worried and end up calling my mum for help, haha. However once you're done it well once it's like riding a bicycle (not that I can ride a bike...) and you'll find it easier and easier each time.

This is the part that scares most people, myself included. I recommend following the instructions on the packet to a tee and also before even letting the stuff NEAR your hair you should do a strand test. Cut a small lock of hair out, sellotape it to some cardboard or similar, mix up a small amount of bleach (making sure the ratios are correct!) and leave it to see how long the bleaching takes. Note this time and this is what you should use on your hair. However, I would not recommend leaving it on more than an hour no matter what the results show after this time.

Prior to bleaching it's recommended but not necessary to put some vaseline around your hairline. It's also a very good idea to make sure that you are wearing old clothes and protecting any non-white surfaces as bleach does as it's name says! 

1. Begin by sectioning your hair. Using clips is a good idea especially for longer hair, but not needed.

2. Then using the tinting brush supplied smooth a good amount of mixed bleach from your roots to the tips of your hair, or wherever it is your want bleached; obviously if you want to create an ombre effect don't go from the roots.

3. Keep sectioning hair and making sure all parts of your roots are covered. Directions in particular is a nice thick substance so you can see where it is easily.

4. When you feel you've covered all the hair you can with this method, put your hands (with gloves on) on your head and scrub with your fingertips as though lathering shampoo. This will ensure you get any spots you've missed and works very well for me.

5. Put a shower cap or provided plastic cap on for the amount of time used in the strand test. If you feel like anything is wrong or it is particularly painful wash it off, but there will be some burning sensation and a chemical smell because it's very powerful stuff.

6. Wash it off and use the shampoo provided to make sure it's all out. If you plan to dye immediately, DO NOT USE CONDITIONER.

(old photo! uggh)
Your hair should be nice and yellow-white now, but if it's orange or yellow this is fine too; it will be bright enough once the colour is on. If your hair doesn't feel in great condition let it 'rest' for a couple days before applying any dye.

next week: dying your hair!


  1. Such a good idea for a feature :D
    Shame I'm not bleaching my hair for a loooong time.

  2. I love this great feature - also I nominated you for an award at my blog x

  3. I know the bleaching wasn't the finished result, but I think you would really suit blonde hair lol :D It looks really pretty!

    1. N'aww thanks sweet :) I think that time the finished result was peacock green! xx


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