Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly: Caring for Dyed Hair

'Go Forth and Dye Fearlessly' is a weekly feature on my blog for the next five weeks; as a hair-dye veteran I will be explaining what dyes and bleaches to go for, how to prepare your hair for dying, dying and bleaching your hair and appropriate aftercare. Of course, this is all stuff that has worked personally for me but as you're obviously not me don't take my word as gospel and please do as much research as your feel necessary to prepare yourself for transforming your hair.

So you're super happy with your new bright fancy hair, but how do you keep it nice? There's a few tips and tricks out there to keep it looking fresh and you looking your best. Putting a small amount of dye in your conditioner can be helpful; this means every time you wash your hair it's getting a little colour boost with far less effort on your part.
If you can manage it, wash your hair about once every three days. Use a shower cap when you have a shower unless washing your hair. Also try not to blow-dry or straighten your hair if possible as this also fades the colours far faster than otherwise.
Get it cut regularly. Bleaching and dying can make the ends of your hair very dry and aside from the roots this is where fading will show most. Lopping the ends off will make your hair look a far more uniform brightness all over.

I hope you enjoyed this little series, I'd love your feedback in the comments on whether or not you felt it 'worked'.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series! Tips I have learnt as well are to wash your hair in cool water, heat is bad in general I think! And using hairspray will make it fade much quicker as well. I blowdry my hair as it's flat as a pancake otherwise, so I invest in a good heat protection spray. I also spray Aussie's Miracle Colour Insurance on it too, it works really well :)


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