Marisota: Not all Plus-Size is Frumpy.

I have to admit, when I think of women's clothing catalogues I think middle aged. And even more so when it comes to plus size bits and bobs. You can imagine then how happy I was to have a bit of a surf on the Marisota website and find more than one cute item of clothing that I would wear. There's some really lovely longer length dresses for summer and even adorable swimwear that isn't -gasp- black and ruched. Can you tell I'm thinking of summer holidays already? It's this miserable weather I swear.

When I think spring/summer I don't think beaches or holidays; I'm a skint student for one thing so holidays are out of the window, but not only that I burn like anything so I spend most of any holidays abroad in a giant tee-shirt and shorts. Not to mention I live by the seaside over the whole of summer and the only thing I get out of it is not being able to move in town due to all the tourists! No, when I think S/S I think car boots,  picnics, markets. Very quintessentially english! Here are my top picks for browsing and picnicking;

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