(Maxi)mum Impact

Maxi dresses are something I've never really considered for myself, in particular because they're either jersey creations designed for someone with a flatter-than-flat stomach (e.g. half the topshop maxi's) or they compensate for their length by being very, very low cut. Eek. I have small shoulders so those ones normally end up displaying the whole of my bra as well as what they are supposed to show off.

Whilst perusing the ladies' fashion on bonmarchĂ© (a site I would never look at usually) I spotted a few gems in the dresses section. I think the styles and patterns would suit people of most ages without being age inapproriate or overly frumpy. It would also save a lot of sun-cream applying time for me in the summer; shoulders, arms and you're off! A lot less worry and a lot more comfort (can you tell I can't wait for summer?!)


  1. I love the maxi dresses at Yours at the moment. I thought I wouldn't like maxi dresses but i got one last summer and am a convert. xXx

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip! I'll take a look :D x

  2. Oo that blue one would be gorgeous with a tan!
    I would never normally consider maxis, or Bon Marche! Shows how much I know! x

  3. Also never been into maxi dresses so much, only a simple one for the beach or something. But there are some really cute ones out at the moment so might have to get one for this summer. ^^d

  4. I love the one on the left. I have no shoulders, it's annoying isn't it! xxx

  5. I actually saw a really nice navy blue striped maxi on Ann Harvey *gasp* http://www.annharveyfashion.co.uk/clothing/dresses/Navy-Striped-Jersey-Maxi-Dress-73611035.html which is all age appropriate :D


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