On the Matter of Underwear

Yes, underwear. Often talked about in fashion blogs but rarely on my blog! You see, I'm not one for fancy underwear. In fact, my preference is anything with wonder woman or batgirl (TMI?) but I do, however, love a bit of shapewear. I'm not one of those ladies who is entirely dependent on it on a daily basis but when I go out it's nice to have that little confidence boost and it can also keep you warm when it's cold!

Some of the easiest places to find shapewear is through plus size lingerie sites and I've got to admit I've fallen slightly in love with the idea of basques and corsets under dresses; so very modern victorian-meets-50s!   Doesn't it just make you think back to the 'goth' phase that I think most 90s teenagers had? I for one would have gone around in a corset and long flowing skirts half the time if I could, and then there was the time I was into steampunk a few years back... but I digress, these Gok Wan pieces are great and are neither too gothy nor too steampunk-y whilst looking very classic and comfortable in design;


  1. As pretty as corsets are, they are just plain uncomfortable! They're nice when you're standing up or (let's be honest here) to spice up the bedroom action, but as soon as you sit down, the boning down the side will just be so stiff and pokey... Well, that's my experience with them anyway.

    1. Thanks for letting me know :) I've never worn one before but I was taking a look with interest, I would've thought more modern corsetry would be a lot more comfortable x

    2. It depends what corsetry you get, comfort wise the best is to get a mix between a corset and a basque (which most shape wear corsets are) it tend to be painful when your lacing up the back (its un-comfy because your not just squishing yourself into it, but also your organs, muscles and bones...not nice!) most shapewear corsets tend to do up using hook and eye, also make sure you dont get a cheapy one (the boning tends to be more rigid, which is one of the factors that causes pain as well)
      essentially...try before you buy is the best thing to do :)
      sorry I used to work for ann summers so I sold/wore a lot of these! xxx

    3. Ooh, thanks for the input sweet :) this was really informative! xx

  2. I love the blue one! I remember in my goth days I had just a waist corset that I wore with a top and a long skirt. God it felt so good when I was able to breath again

  3. Gok's shapewear has got SO many great reviews, just waiting to get a good enough job that I can afford a few goodies :)
    xo tobeapoetblog.blogspot.com


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