5 Favourites; Nail Polish

17; Fury - a lovely red-orange-gold polish, it feels like it has so many dimensions to it and I love the way it's slightly two-tone. It would look great with gold crackle polish I think.

Collection 2000; Angel Wings - this is such a pretty grey! It applies really nicely for collection 2000, a brand I don't really enjoy nail polishes from usually. It looks great with white polka dots.

Barry M; Lilac Nail Effects - This is my go-to 'lazy' nail polish because it's quick and easy to apply and looks great with even one coat if you don't have much time.

Models Own; Juicy Jules - glitter polishes are a pain in the arse to remove so I always wear this on my toes. I got it for something like £1 in a blog sale and I love the rainbow glitter. So pretty.

17; Juicy - the photo really doesn't do this colour justice, I've never seen a green quite the same. It's almost a pastel lime green with a more emerald green sparkle which unfortunately doesn't show up that well on your nails. Still a lovely colour though.


  1. 2 of my favourites are also included in this post, the 17 Fury and MO Juicy Jules :) fab favourites xx

  2. I really like the look of lilac nail effects and juicy jules :D I have only 3 Model's Own polishes and need more in my life! I'm thinking of buying some from their new Spring/Summer polishes as they're so pretty :)

  3. Love the Models Own polish!

  4. I love juicy jules but it is a nightmare to get off :(

  5. love this collection of nail polishes. xx


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