Beachy Florals

I'm looking forward to the summer; partially because it means I'm done with my second year of Uni (only one more to go!) and partially because myself and the boyfriend are going to Portland, Dorset for a weekend and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go have at least a paddle. I don't even know why the idea is so exciting to me when I've basically lived in a seaside town for 12-ish years but there we go!

So, obviously my first port of call is what clothes? I'm not a bikini girl (or even a swimming costume girl, really!) but I want something floaty and light. I love this Kelly Brook swimsuit, and throwing a large floral dress over the top to go for fish and chips is just too perfect. The wedges also provide the little extra height that can prevent longer dresses being too 'ankle-swinger', and the denim jacket helps prevent some of that inevitable burning since factor 50 doesn't ever seem to be strong enough for me.


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  1. looks perfect! I just got a denim jacket on ebay for about £4, I would look on there and loads of floral dresses for about £3 each :)
    Your seaside holiday sounds perfect, I'm hoping to go to Torquay for a bit and Reading Festival is my holiday really xx


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