Geek Chic: Poison Ivy

Ivy is one of those very difficult-to-translate characters; when in fact her usual outfit is normally made up of leaves in a leotard shape rather than actual clothes! I went for casual-but-practical with my interpretation, stemming (see what I did there?) from Ivy's past as Pamela Isley, botanist. You could imagine her pottering around a greenhouse in this! and of course a trademark slick of lipstick;


  1. The blouse and shoes are gorgeous! I never wear green...I should channel my inner Ivy and wear some!

  2. I meant to say this sooner but I really dig your Geek Chic posts - they're brilliant!

    1. Thanks sweet, I'm glad they are appreciated :D xx

  3. Ahhhhhh! i Love poison ivy but i'm too scared people will mock me if i wear green with my bright red hair.

    This outfit is fantastic!



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