Nails: 17 Purple Crackle & Fury

I got this crackle polish as a replacement to my Barry M pink crackle which has just dried up; I much prefer the matte texture of the Barry M crackle and I didn't realise that this would need to go on far thicker to achieve a similar effect but done right this could be a good alternative, especially since purple isn't a colour they currently do. I love the 'Fury' polish underneath it but I found the bottle a bit misleading and I was expecting a bit of a green-orange tint which I didn't get. It's a lovely fiery gold anyway, though.


  1. gorgeous colours =)

  2. I haven't tried any of the 17 crackles before. I might have a look for these as I actually think I prefer it to the Barry M x

  3. I love purple this nail polish is soooo funk!
    I also love your wall paper on your blog



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