Rockabilly Rose Red

Cardigans are one of those 'trends' I love that are always about; they are just brilliant in colder weather when they're a heavy, chunky knit and wonderful in summer when they come with short sleeves and thin fabric that covers you up whilst keeping you cool as opposed to an actual jacket; and the more quirky the print the better! They're easy to just shove into a bag if you want one for later too, as they don't take up much space at all.

I've got to admit, I never thought of wearing a cardigan as a top but I realise how adorable it could look! Very 50s, especially when worn more formally. Plus size ladies' evening tops or cardis that are not ridiculously frumpy or un-do-upable (waterfall cardis anyone? ugh) are hard to come by but I thought this red number was adorable and could be a great basis for an early-season mad men-esque outfit. I added a little bit of a rockabilly touch with the necklace and heels.


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