Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist Pink Gold Digger Flats

Shoe Picnic is back everyone! (well, everyone who remembers it). Who is excited? I certainly am. And this week I'm featuring a certain super-cute pair of shoes

I love, love, love Iron Fist. It is one of my absolute favourite brands and yet all I own from it is one oversized tee-shirt; but their clothing size is a completely different topic. I adored the style but I remember a couple years ago when all they used to stock were the vertiginous (but beautiful) heels and... open toed flats. Egh. 

Things have changed recently, however, and I love all these new closed-toe styles including these adorable Pink Gold Digger flats. Zombies and pink? Yes please! I would wear these cuties to parties with a black floofy dress and mis-matchy for everyday with pastel sundresses and dark tights.


  1. I have my heart set on the Sugar Witch Flats, at least I think that's what they are called <3

    1. ooh I know the ones you mean :D they're adorable!

  2. They are awesome! I think I'd have to wear them with all black though- gotta let them take centre stage!

    Nat x

  3. Iron Fist is one of my favourite brands too, their shoes are so edgy and full of attitude ♥ I've had my eye on their bags for a long time, and there are some amazing skull print shoes in my local Schuh :D


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