Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Trinklettina

I envy those women who can stride about on heels all day and be perfectly polished and poised. I'm very definitely not one of those girls but when I do indulge in footwear that are not my usual flats or boots I make a beeline for a certain brand and I'm sure just from having a glance at the image below you know what that brand is;

They are of course part of fabulous brand Irregular Choice, and my first port of call for any non-flat footwear. And you can so see why; what's not to love about giant bows, quirky fabrics and that adorable perspex heel? Personally I prefer this colourway to the red (I clash a bit ;p) and that charm is just too, too sweet.

I would wear these beautiful shoes either full-on rockabilly with an equally bright and patterned swing dress or to a formal event with a plain dress to jazz it up a bit; in fact I have a wedding coming up in a few months for which I am shoe-less so maybe I should start saving my pennies...


  1. I just bought a full on rockabilly 50s dress on ebay with a net skirt and pranced around my room in it but have nowhere to wear it so had to send it back :( thought it would be ok to wear on a night out but it was sooo big, could hardly fit through the door.
    I think you should save up or look on ebay for some :) they are rather special xx

  2. Oo they are so snazzy! I've never had a pair of Irregular Choice but they are all so beautiful. If I was going to spend so much on a pair of shoes it would definitely be this brand or Iron Fist. WHY am I so rubbish at saving?

  3. Love these! They are so unusual, which makes them even better. My favorite parts are the bow and the little monkey charm :)

  4. Oooo those are gorgeous! <3
    *I feel a shoe haul coming on.....* \8D/


  5. Shoes with a monkey charm? Amazing. I love Irregular choice, there was a swan pair that I coveted for years x


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