Shoe Picnic: TUK Baby Doll Bow Heels

What's this? Heels again? Well, not only that but heels that I think I could actually walk in. These cuties combine a few of my favourite things; coloured soles, cute straps and of course bows, bows, bows!

These TUK platform heels feel really nostalgic for me; the first ever 'fancy' shoes I owned were a pair of TUK super high platforms with a skull and crossbones on the front which I brought myself for my 15th birthday, after which I never wore them again because my mum was adamant I would break my neck. 

I particularly like the three straps across these ones as I have a habit of just walking out of my shoes and leaving them behind, which is very embarrassing in public I'll have you know. I'd pair these with leopard tights,  blue socks, black shorts and a punky top or maybe a knee-length flared dress and seamed tights for prettiness purposes. 


  1. very you! I love the chunky heel and straps, they look rather comfy for heels xx

    1. I agree, they are pretty 'me' if only in that I could probably walk in them without turning over on my ankles ;) hehe

  2. it looks so comfortable and pretty at the same time xx

  3. Guh! They are so cute! I can walk in heels if the heels are chunky, and not crazy high.


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