Dressing for a Wedding

In December, my boyfriend's eldest sister will be getting married. I know it's a long way away, but to be honest I'm already panicking about what to wear! Do I recycle an already-worn dress? Well I would love to, but my eBay addiction (for selling as well as buying) has left me with very few wedding-suitable items in my wardrobe; not to mention my usual style (cupcakes and BRIGHT prints) when it comes to dresses isn't really fitting for a small family wedding!

Part of the reason I'm looking so early is around December there's the issue of all shops stocking 'christmas party' clothes rather than the kind of style I prefer - lots of blacks and metallics and shiny bits as well as short skirts - so picking something pretty out of a spring/summer collection is probably my best bet; as I'm sure anyone who is attending a wedding this year will agree. I've been particularly perusing the current Oasis clothes collection on Very as I know them to be a brand that produces quality clothes for fairly cheap, particularly for more formal do's when Hell Bunny or Collectif won't cut it (!)  Here's some of my favourites;

(£65/ each)


  1. oooh love the first dress. I would wiat until the spring/summer sales in Monsoon and pick up a bargain. Got my wedding dresses last year for 75% off xx

  2. Oooohhh I really like all of them! The first one is very cute, the second one has a gorgeous print, and the third is really classy and elegant :)

  3. I think cupcakes and bright prints would be fine though, you always look good :)

    1. Don't want to upstage the bride at such a small wedding ;) x

  4. I really like the last one!

  5. Those are good picks! I love the middle & last!


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