Geek Chic: Claire Redfield

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Resident Evil wormed itself into this series; it's one of my favourite game series (with my particular favourite being Resi 4) and I'm so excited for the next one to come out! I decided to choose Claire (in her R.E. 2 outfit) because despite not being one of my favourite characters it's the first game I played in the series followed by Code: Veronica so she was the obvious choice! Also, it's near impossible to source a red denim mini playsuit so I ended up making a near approximation this time :D

top - jacket (w/ sleeves removed) - shorts - cycle shorts - gloves - belt - necklace - boots


  1. My partner looooves Resi and has played all of the games except one, but I'm too scared to play them )': I'm in love with the red jacket!

  2. Thank you :) I adore Resi and Claire Redfield. Did a cosplay with her with her outfit from The Umbrella Chronicles. Substituting the shorts with denim shorts.


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