Photo Post: Engagement Party

...not mine, of course! But that of my lovely bestie Sophie & her fiance Ben; and I'm also her maid of honour too! I left this post for a few days just so I could nab some photos of myself off of Facebook when they appeared because being really out-of-practice I entirely forgot to take outfit pictures. Either way, if you're interested the dress is Rise via Dorothy Perkins, the cardi is DPs also and my shoes were Draven. It was a lovely party and everyone had a great time, which is always a good thing!

Myself and other fellow partgoers, and friends from back at college (which seems a long time ago now!)

The happy couple! n'awww.

Decorated chalkboards c/o of my 'artistic' skills.

Part of the amazing cake by Sophie's mum;
based off the Empire State Building where Ben proposed.

What party is complete without embarrassing dancing?! (please note the guy is not Ben but his twin Lewis! lots of people were confused.)


  1. Your hair is looking amazing!
    Congrats to your friends =)

  2. It looks like such fun! I love the bride-to-be's dress.

    Love from Jo'burg

  3. So much fun! ^^v Glad you had a great time. ^^d
    The happy couple looks so adorable too ^^d

  4. Awh lovely photos, glad you had a nice time!

    Emma x

  5. Yes! I want Sophie's dress!

  6. i can't believe i missed this post, thank you so much for helping out with the decorations ^_^

    thank you for the lovely comments, my dress is a Hell Bunny creation.

    that was a brilliant night Rai ^_^ i cant wait for the wedding and dress shopping!!!


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