Shoe Picnic: Dr Martens Melody Ballerinas

I'm a huge fan of girly shoes; in particular the ones that are overly childish. Funnily enough, I wouldn't have been seen caught dead in anything like this when I was younger! I was very much a dungarees-and-wellies child.

These Melody ballerinas are all the best parts of Dr Martens shoes minus one element I have to admit I sometimes struggle with; the sheer chunkiness of the soles. I have big feet as it is and I don't really want them to look wide too!

When it comes to these flats, however, that big sole has been downgraded to something a little more streamlined and combined with the pattern the overall girliness is very appealing; there's even something a little Cath Kidston about the floral design - it would look great on stationary as well.


  1. they are so cute! i love docs... i too would never have been caught in a dress let alone girly shoes when i was a teen but i love these!

  2. I love DMs. I'm wearing my pair today actually :) I have these ones which are black with like a hexagon pattern on the toe and then I have a pair of Mary Janes at home with a chunky sole. The chunky sole ones are my third pair ever. I had a pair of pink ones that I had for about 6 years and then they finally died (after the cobbler couldn't resurrect them for a second time)



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