Shoe Picnic: TUK Black Creeper Sneakers

I've featured TUK before in my shoe picnic posts; and when I write about a brand twice you know I love it! And these creeper sneakers are no exception to the current stellar TUK collection.

The thing I think I love most about these shoes is their faithful recreation of the original creeper, from the laces to the white checkered pattern on the toe, but with the trainers-style sole they would be so much more practical and comfy whilst still being fairly smart.

If I weren't moving home next year (where we have two white dogs that shed very heavily) I would snap these shoes up in a moment. If you've fallen in love too you should nab a pair whilst you can, because I can imagine these going out of stock quite quickly what with the recent creeper trend!


  1. This is so odd. I was looking at these earlier :) I love the purple leopard print TUK creepers as well.

    1. Can't go wrong with purple leopard print ;) x

  2. I have been wanting creepers but the price tags x.x


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