The Bad With The Good

Oasap is one of my blog sponsors, and from where I received this beautiful lolita bag the previous month, so I know they can come up with some beautiful items. I awaited this month's parcel with great anticipation and was a bit disappointed with half of the contents. First of all, here is the good:

This embroidery design necklace with a cost of $13 is super pretty, I could see myself wearing it a lot and the design seems very hard-wearing too; the links holding the parts together are strong and the actual necklace is pretty flawless in it's design. It's almost a statement piece but normal enough for everyday dress-up, so expect to see it in an outfit soon.

However, this 'bat sleeve tee'  with a cost of $26 I also received was the source of my disappointment. I was thrilled to find something I would actually fit into in the clothing section of the website and I loved the punky skull design. But it was not to be, obviously, because here is a comparison of the tee on the site and the one I received;

Hmmm. Not really remotely skull-like in my opinion, and no matter how I make it fall or twiddle the fabric bits it always just looks like... little silver circles. I stuck it on just to show how it looked on but I feel it won't be worn after this (and therefore passed onto my sister). It's such a shame, too, as this was the piece I was most looking forward to. And please excuse the moody pictures, I'm no longer used to my old school ways of sticking a little digital camera on a wardrobe to take outfit photos :p

(jean shorts are dorothy perkins)

*apologies for terrible photo quality, this is due to my DSLR being left at home whilst I'm at my boyf's for the month*


  1. hmm, i agree they don't look very similar.

  2. The necklace is beautiful, I love intricate necklaces :D I can see why you're disappointed with the top though, what a shame ):

  3. That top does look very different to the stock photo x

    1. I agree, I can't think that anyone receiving that would be happy! :c


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