Mini Haul: Model's Own Nail Polish

Of late, I've been having a mini love affair with the Model's Own brand. I'm absolutely in love with their glitter polishes and wear different shades on my toes most days, and the other colours I've owned tend to have a great consistency and only take two layers to become solid. So when I spotted these colours in Boots on a recent shopping trip I couldn't resist;

'In The Navy', in particular, is nothing like any of the other shades in my collection. It applies beautifully and is nice and dark without appearing 'gothy', which I find can be an issue with darker polishes. The hedkandi 'Disco Heaven' applies like a dream too and has lovely blue-green flecks. I found the crackle polish a real disappointment, however, because applied over dark colours the consistency is so thin there's no colour at all! I can only see it being good over very light shades.

And the best part about these polishes is what I paid for them - both 'Disco Heaven' and the crackle pink were half price at £2.50 due to their plastic seals having been removed and each nail art pen was free with two polishes; meaning I spent £15 and saved £21 including the eyeliner I also got free on a Advantage Card deal. I saved more than I spent! That doesn't happen too often.


  1. HOORAY for Models Own - especially their glitter polishes, I love them too! :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. total bargain! I REALLY want the glitter one but it's always sold out :(

    1. it was the last one there, so lucky :D


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