Scallops and Skeletons

I'm done with University for the summer! Which means right now I'm sorting out all my bits and bobs ready for the move home, as well as booking train tickets up to Stoke to see my lovely boyfriend, who doesn't finish for a fair bit yet. The skeleton leggings make a re-appearance here and to be honest I love the way the level of detail and pattern on everything I'm wearing makes for an outfit that, though very simple and comfy, makes up to something that looks fairly 'finished'.

dress: dorothy perkins / leggings: tee & cake
boots: TUK c/o spartoo / bag: c/o oasap


  1. Still loving those cat shoes! <3

  2. Your bad is soooo cute :)

  3. Love all these items, everyone of them is super cute! x

  4. Love this whole outfit- especially the leggings and the dress! LOVE that dress.


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