Shoe Picnic: Dkode Nora in Grey/Silver

I like looking at fancy, impractical shoes that I'd probably never wear. The kind that would shrink if they so much as looked at rain and would be delegated to indoor events and such, and to be honest as someone who rarely leaves the house let alone attends fancy indoors events (and who wears boots to them anyway?) these are probably not the most practical item I've ever lusted after;

These are the Nora boots by Dkode and yes, I'm well aware they are weird looking but to me they just look like a super-fancy girly victorian version of Chel's long fall boots in Portal; if she was being tested in 1890's britain as opposed to whenever. If you've ever played the game or followed the fandom you'll see where I'm coming from.

Above all these boots are not practical because a majority of the material is white. I do not do well with white that may not be wipe-clean (e.g. doc martens) and therefore these pretties will probably never be in my boots collection, which is apparently more bountiful than any of my other types of shoes so I suppose I don't really need any more anyway. Doesn't stop me mooning over them, though...


  1. They're so pretty! I don't think they look weird, but I'd definitely prefer them in a darker colour that would go with the majority of my clothes :P

  2. Love these!The detailing is so pretty xx


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