Shoe Picnic: Lucane by Lussi Buggy Wedges

In terms of shoe brand, Buggy isn't one I'd particularly heard of before (well, hadn't heard of!) and browsing through their products it's an odd mixture of old and young-people shoes that I didn't really expect; I'm used to brands specialising towards one or the other. However, these wedges caught my eye immediately;

These are the 'Lucane by Lussi', apparently a singer, and I just absolutely fell in love with the adorable little wing detail on these sandal-type wedges. They remind me very much of a more subtle version of the melissa x westwood designs a little while back whilst being a great deal more casual.

I'd wear these Buggy wedges with a cute knee-length summer dress or longer, as the wedge makes up for length and I tend to find shorter looks a lot shorter when you combine it with wedges. The polka-dot design that's incorporated would work really well with other dotty elements; in fact I have a cardigan that matches it pretty well in my wardrobe right now.


  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog! x

  2. Very cute shoes!
    Have a super weekend!


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