Shoe Picnic: Melissa Wanting Lace in Black & White

When it comes to flats there are two things that are very important to me; wearability (not a real word?) and style. These ballet-style flats definitely have both. I love the Melissa brand as a whole and though I'm yet to own any of their shoes these might be the first pair I try; if only because white dog hair won't stick to black plastic like it would canvas!

Melissa is a brand I find really intriguing; a couple years ago when I heard about plastic shoes I thought immediately of the original crocs monstrosities but nowadays pretty jelly sandals and bright saturated colours come to mind. No to mention these are endlessly useful! I've gone canoeing a couple time with the boyfriend's family and these are both waterproof and have grip, both of which are fairly necessary.

I think my favourite design element on these shoes, however, is the adorable lace pattern! For some reason I'm really reminded of those little plastic 'handbags' you could get in the 90s for easter eggs and things? Maybe that's just me but something about the plastic lace feels really nostalgic and looks adorable on the contrasting black too.


  1. They look lovely, although I'm not sure how I'd feel about wearing plastic shoes- it just seems so strange lol!

    Nat x

  2. These are really cute! I heard about plastic shoes for the first time when somebody sent me a link to these flats that are waterproof- how awesome is that?! :)

  3. I'm Brazilian and a huuuuge fan of Melissas, since I was like 5 years old. I own a couple of Melissas and not all of them are that comfy but they're so different, fun and cool looking that I don't care. Some of them, however, are extremely comfy and I wear them every day. If you go to you'll be able to see how many awesome looking shoes they have. I'm a fan for life!!!


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