17 Mini-Haul: The £6 Megadeal

There is nothing better than getting your hands on a really good bargain. It's almost the best feeling in the world, I imagine, and even better than that is managing to wheedle your way into getting multiple bargains in one buy; something I've achieved with this 17 haul. The whole 'thing' that got this deal rolling was a Boots voucher I received in the post for £1 for any 17 'Wild Curls' mascara. After this, I visited my local Boots and noticed that when I spent £6 I would receive the 'Fest of All' kit, so I grabbed the £5 'Hot Metals' nail varnish set (also on offer) and dashed over to the till. Not only that, I used another voucher for 100 points with my purchase, not a bad deal if you ask me! And that's how I got 4 nail varnishes, one bronzer, one eyeliner and one mascara for £6. (please don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo.)


  1. Woooah awesome bargain!! I have some Boots vouchers I received in the mail but I'll have to use them on boring essentials, I might be a little sneaky though and get some makeup too ;)

  2. Holy crap, this is a great deal! Also it reminds me that I need to change my address on my Boots card, because I'm just going to keep missing out on these things!

    1. love the polish colours! You got a great deal here. I always check out the advatage card kiosks too, good vouchers on them x


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