Back to my Roots

The older followers amongst you will recognise this dress as being very frequently worn in my older outfit posts. In fact, I've owned two of it since the first one broke and I had an manic ebay scramble to find a replacement. What can I say, I know what I like! The floral print on this is just perfect and it's completely the right balance of lolita and 50s. These flats are also the comfiest things ever, even from first wear. Gotta love the zombie/pink combo. Please remember to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo, it's a great prize!

dress: primark via eBay // cardi: primark via eBay // shorts: dorothy perkins
necklace: topshop // belt: topshop outlet // shoes: iron fist c/o spartoo


  1. I do love that dress. It looks so summery over cropped jeans! Great idea =)

  2. love your shoes! very you mixed with the girly dress :) x

  3. Love the dress, and the Iron Fist shoes :D xx

  4. That really is a lovely dress! Love how its got stipes and flowers in a very girly way! Loving your photos too! X

  5. Oh God! You look beautiful! And I haven't seen your Aperture tattoo beforeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It's JUST AWESOME :D
    I love it

    <3 your blog!


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