Broderie Green & Plaid Pink

We finally got some sunny-but-not-too-sunny weather a bit ago so I snapped these photos in the garden, a first for my DSLR Cedric! It went pretty well on timer but I still think I'm going to look into getting a wireless shutter remote as it's pretty difficult to focus well and I end up with a lot of blurry outtakes if I don't manually find a point of focus. I have a wired one but it turns out I ordered a 0.9m one, not a 9m one, ugh. I've been getting back into wearing summer dresses a lot lately as the weather turns, and these shorts are brilliant for me because I'm not too keen on showing off a lot of leg. I'm loving plaid at the moment too, to add a little 'punk' to everyday outfits. And if it's pink then all the better! And please don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo.

dress: dorothy perkins via eBay // shorts: dorothy perkins // shirt: new look sale
shoes: iron fist c/o spartoo // nails: models own aqua violet & 17 purple crackle


  1. I love it! The dress is just awesome. That green sure makes you look gorg, babe :D

    Thanks for sharing ;)


  2. Love the dress and the purple crackle nails.


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