Five Favourites: Skincare

This week in '5fave' I'm focusing on my skincare routine; though I don't really wear all that much makeup my skin still gets pretty oily and dry, which makes certain products necessary. Here's my pick of the bunch;

one: Soap and Glory 'Clarity' Face Soap. This stuff is actually amazing, I use it a couple times a week and it makes my skin feel really fresh and soft without being too harsh to cause my eczema to flare up. And it lasts an absolute age too as even a little bit froths up to a faceful of bubbles.
two: Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Lotion. Oops, I've accidentally included half of the C&C collection here! It's definitely one of my favourites, this lotion doesn't cause me any spots whilst also preventing me looking shiny which can be an issue due to my lack of makeup.
three: I nabbed this Clean & Clear Morning Energy Moisturiser in Bargain Buys for something like £1.50 and it was money well spent; though it comes in a teeny container a little goes a long way and it's nice and thin whilst still being moisturising.
four: Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Wash is my go-to daily face wash and it works great, leaves me feeling super clean and also prevents shine, which is a double win for me! I love the bright green 'fresh' colour of all these products, too.
five: Equate Exfoliating Scrub is an absolutely amazing Apricot-based exfoliator and I use it everyday. I picked it up in a really bizarre shop in Stoke called JTF (the kind you need a card for to get in) for about 60p and since then they've never had it again so I'm trying to make the last little bit last. It looks like it's made in Canada, according to the label.

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  1. That's very strange about the Equate product, its actually a Walmart brand! In the US, it's Walmart's store brand line of pharmacy, health, and beauty items. That apricot scrub looks like the one they would have as a less expensive alternative to the St. Ives scrub.


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