Shoe Picnic: Clarks Diary Record

Back in the 90s, I can remember Clarks as the place you got 'practical' school shoes from that would last for the whole year (you know, the weird loafer ones everyone took the laces out of?) and where you would go once a year to 'get measured' by a lady who had a weird green plastic board with a slider on it.

These 'Diary Record' heels definitely don't make me think of those shops; look how adorable they are! I love the dusky rose pink that makes them just the right side of smart-casual and if there's one thing I do know about Clarks, their shoes are both comfortable and last forever, so you would probably never need to buy a pair of suede brogue-type heels again if that's what you were in the market for.

I'm not a massive fan of the pointed toe but the 'menswear as womenswear' style of these heels makes it work and the girliness of the little laser-cut circles just adds to the whole design. These would look equally good as part of a work wardrobe with a more formal dress or dresses down with long skinny jeans and a cute tank top, not to mention great with black tights.


  1. I used to go to Clarks as well! I remember the green board and then they had this machine that you put one foot into like a hole and the sides of the hole closed around your foot to measure it - I would get a bit freaked out and thing that it was going to go too tight and cut my foot off or something lol.

    They need to do measurements for adult feet - I never know what size I need any more because it's different depending on where I'm buying shoes from.


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