Shoe Picnic: Dr Martens 1460 Mauve

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged about Docs on here isn't it? If you haven't been around a while you probably won't know Dr Martens are literally my favourite type of footwear out there and I've owned multiple pairs over the year, from bright pink to cherry red to burnished brown. They are brilliantly comfy once worn in and I just can't seem to tear myself away from them, they are my first choice for any fashion statement I might want to make.

My eyes were drawn to this particular pair of boots because of the really warm shade of purple that would make them great equally for a summery outfit with thin socks and grungy 90s shorts or wintery (read: UK summer) weather with thick tights and jersey dresses, and I've got to say I'm pretty tempted! A girl can never have too many big, clumpy, stompy boots can she?

Personally, I would wear these shoes with one of my more summery 50s-style dresses and a cute plaid shirt over the top for that extra bit of 'grunginess'. For more casual days I'd probably go full-on punk with one of my iron fist tees, my denim knee shorts and some black socks. And I've gotta say, these cuties would go brilliantly with my hair; bright at both ends ;)


  1. I really want some red ones, been trying to get a bargain pair in ebay but I always get outbid!
    There will be glittery fakes in Primark this winter so look out for them x

  2. I really want some Dr Martens but can't afford, I'm defo after the Primark pair xxx


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