Tie Dye Hippie Throwback

This dress is the absolute comfiest thing I own. It's from one of those boutique-y setups they have in New Look and if any of you ladies were eyeing it I suggest sizing down; this is a 14 and fits me perfectly. It's great for days when I can't be bothered to throw anything proper on but of course the boyfriend hates it and tells me I look like 'I've had a can of paint thrown on me'. Bah. And also, you should enter my giveaway to win a pair of adorable glasses from Firmoo!

dress: boutique in new look // cardi: new look // bag: primark
shoes: draven // nails: models own blue violet & 17 purple crackle

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  1. It doesn't look like paint at all haha! I love these kind of dresses, that you can just throw on and know you'll feel good =)

  2. I love it, what do boys know, ey?


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