Fantasy Fashion Wishlist

I'm generally pretty grounded when it comes to fashion purchases and wishlists; I stick to the end of the high street, and even the lower side of that! I blanch at a price tag over £30 on a dress. However, there's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming. If I won the lottery these are the items that would travel straight to the top of my wishlist;

I love these skinnies from Citizens of Humanity because despite not being a huge fan of paisley print, these make it a little bit modern and also a lot less 'costumey'. You could either dress them up with something flowy or wear it casual with a punky tee and either way they will compliment without overwhelming. In fact, add a cute tee and all the items I've picked would go great together. The beautiful buttery pastel yellow of the Chloe cross-body bag is incredibly on trend and has been for an absolute age, it would look great with summery shorts or even full-blown Lolita fashion. And finally, these Alexander McQueen heels are just my favourite pick of the bunch. The skulls are too cute and it's a brand I've admired for a long time. The electric blue is just the right side of dramatic, too.

I've never really thought of looking through the Harrods' site before, I always imagine it as a wee bit old fashioned and stuffy but as these products show, they really aren't! They have loads of brands in stock from Dsquared (of the 'spine heels' fame) to Vivienne Westwood and everything in-between.

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