Five Favourites: Makeup

Makeup isn't something I wear often, but when I do wear it I make the habit of going back to my favourite brands and tools. Over the years I've built up a mini-collection of occasional-use slap and there's some products I would definitely repurchase once they finally run out or go out of date. Here's my five favourites when it comes to makeup:

one: Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory; this has a great consistency and makes me look like a porcelain doll when I wear it! Because it sits more on the skin than liquid foundations I find it doesn't have such an effect on my eczema either.
two: Eye Bright from Benefit; I absolutely love this little stick, I use it right under the bottom lash line to make my eyes look bigger! I love just owning something from Benefit too, it's such an iconic brand.
three: Bourjois Ultra Curl in Black; In terms of mascara, I need fast drying and curl as opposed to length, both of which are due to wearing glasses. This mascara delivers both as well as having pretty packaging and being fairly cheap as far as mascara goes.
four: Model's Own eyeliner in Black; super super dark and dramatic, and stays on for just about forever. I love the little sharpener in the head too, it's just the right side of gimicky and makes up for the easy blunting of the pencil. The first MO product I've ever brought that isn't Polish.
five: 17 Hide & Chic in Ivory; really great for redness and also not irritating at all to my eczema, which is normally what it's being used to cover around my eyes. Also, I got it free with some nail polishes, which makes it just all-round great in my eyes.


  1. Great products and I just love the way you describe things Rai!


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