In Bloom

I am. In Love. With these shoes. Are they not the prettiest things? I've liked creepers for years and always spied them in the alt/goth shops I tend to gravitate towards but they were always a little bit pricy and black suede + white dogs = not a great combination. However, this time I decided to throw sense out the window and bought these cuties for a low price. I got the men's version for the width and they are just the most comfy.

dress: ebay a long time ago / cardi: select / jeggings: new look
creepers: TUK c/o spartoo / necklace: topshop / nails: 17 glisten


  1. I love the dress :) I love wearing an up to knee length dress with jeans - means I'm smart (Wearing a dress) but casual with my jeans so I don't feel like it's over kill. I did try my jeans with a maxi dress once around my room but looked really silly.

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous today :)

    1. Oops, that sounds creepy. I mean quality and colour-wise!

    2. Haha I get what you mean, thanks so much! x


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