Review: Miniature Photography

How cute are these little iPhone accessories?! I don't actually own one any more, having passed it on to my sister, but she kindly lent it to me for modelling purposes in return for the items after review. The tripod is particularly useful as it would fit all different types of phone and makes the phone into far more of a 'photography' tool, great for longer exposures or timed shots.

The fisheye lens I also received is completely adorable, and has a great effect I wasn't expecting to come from a slightly rubbish iPhone camera! Very artsy and different, not to mention that it sticks on through magnetic means; you can just stick a ring of magnetic sticker to your phone case and you're good to go. The fact you can attach it to your phone is infinitely useful too.


  1. I love these little accessories! It makes me want an iphone even more :P

  2. How adorable! I didn't even know these kind of accessories existed!

  3. This is quite cool! I may be tempted by these when I get my upgrade to iphone 4 x


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