Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist Koi Samui Heels

Is it wrong that this week's shoe picnic is inspired by my hair? Having recently dyed it a pinky-orange I'm absolutely loving orange in any combination, and in the case of these heels they make a perfect contrast against the black, not to mention how cute are those koi carp? They seem like a perfect marriage of rockabilly and tattooed style in my opinion.

These cuties are from the brand Iron Fist, known for their alternative (and very high) heels that always have their own special brand of cute punk-goth style. One thing definitely in their advantage is if like me you are fairly wide across the foot they are nowhere near as narrow as other brands and 'mold' easily to accommodate. 

As far as these shoes go, if they were mine I would wear them with just about anything, provided I was suddenly blessed with great balance and poise. As it is I would probably fall straight on my face or snap a heel! But with the power of wishful thinking, if I had a pair of these heels I would most likely combine it with 50s dresses and black tights or if all else fails to dress up a fairly plain outfit of skinny jeans and one of Iron Fist's own tees.


  1. Wow, love the pattern! I can think of a few ways to wear them, they're pretty classic yet totally edgy.

    x Michelle |

    1. Edgy is the perfect word for them! I love the way the print is on the whole shoe not just the upper :) x


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