Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Aphrodite Sandals

When I initially spotted these heels-type sandals online, I wasn't so sure about them; there's something about the toe area in combination with the back of the shoe that personally made them feel a bit.. exposed? Not sure what word I'm trying to convey there. However, after having seen them on the feet of a few bloggers my head has been turned. The actual shoe is nowhere near as tacky as I initially thought and actually quite pretty in an alternative open-toe style.

As I'm sure most of you will have guessed, these are from iconic brand Irregular Choice, purveryor of bizarre and beautiful footwear and my own personal favourite shoe seller. I've got to admit I preferred the plush velvet interiors of the older shoes but it wouldn't really go with these summery sandals, and as always there's the easily recognisable sole on display with a sunny-weather mermaid/seahorse theme.

All the polka dots make these shoes super-summery, perfect for walking on the promenade by the beach with a 50s frock and a wide-brimmed hat. Not to mention the thick heel makes it look much more comfortable than the spindly-heeled stilettos you see clicking about. What would you wear with these rockabilly polka-dotted heels? 


  1. I love most Irregular choice heels but I must admit I do prefer one's which stick to a certain colour scheme, I can imagine wearing these with so much or my wardrobe xxx

  2. Oooh these are pretty. I must admit I would maybe pretty them with just the toe or just the back detail on them. Make them a little too less "busy"


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