Shoe Picnic: Rocket Dog Sherif

Wow, it is the autumn/winter fashion season already? I've barely worn my summer shoes, but here comes a whole new parade of boots from shoe-boots to thigh highs. I've got to say though, they are about my favourite type of shoe so I am definitely not complaining about that! Feast your eyes on these, if you will;

These Sherif boots by Rocket Dog are of a type of shoe I've always been intrigued by but never been brave enough to try; the pseudo-cowboy boot. I've seen these in all shades, styles and lengths but they never fail to look good for summer weather with bare legs and floral dresses and for wintery climes with thick woolly tights. Too cute.

The brown hue of these shoes give them just the right level of versatility, whilst the plush style of textured leather practically guarantees comfort. The heel is definitely manageable and nice and sturdy, and Rocket Dog has always been a brand I will go back to time and time again for cheap, updated trends. All around win for these boots.


  1. I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots, but more of the ankle boot kind of style. I used to have a pair in silver that I really regret selling x

  2. I haven't even got into my shorts properly yet! It can't be Autumn/Winter already!

  3. They are awesome! I want. xoxo


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