Wearing my Heart on my Shoes

The lovely people over at Jokers' Masquerade contacted me a little while ago, offering to send me on of their many fancy dress costumes. Since it's nowhere near hallowe'en and I haven't got any fancy-dress-wearing events planned, I politely declined... until I spotted these cuties on the site! As well as costumes Jokers' Masquerade stock a wide variety of adorable shoes and boots that could pass for everyday as opposed to fancy dress and these Queen of Hearts shoes caught my eye as soon as I clicked through. These are really high quality with a lovely pleather-y finish and the hearts are adorable, I have to say.


  1. those shoes are so fun! would never have thought of looking on there for shoes x

  2. They are adorable!! I love them! And is that a wee Star Wars tattoo I spy? ;) xo

  3. They really are very you :) Adorable x



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