Mojito Madness

I finally caved and bought my first essie polish, after all the hype! I'm a bit late on the bandwagon but whatever, I can safely say this new polish is a firm favourite and will get a lot of use. I picked 'Mojito Madness', which is my favourite colour, a creamy punchy green with a lot of yellow in it. It reminds me of spring.

In terms of the polish itself, the consistency is really good and the drying time is absolutely brilliant. I've only tried one shade so I can't generalise to the whole brand but this one really does tick all the boxes.

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  1. Don´t mess with you. I´m the last one who hear from Essie - yes!
    Wonderful green it reminds me on the green from the leaves. At the next shopping tour I´ll watch after the dark green from essie. Maybe its the right color for me at last.

    All the best, P


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