Playing Dress-Up

Though I normally stick strictly to the realms of girly fashion (with frills and pastels and circle skirts a specialty), I am aware that there is an ever-growing market for male fashion too. I know for a fact the boyfriend may not be hugely fashion conscious but he does follow the basic trends; chunky shoes, thin jumpers and chinos are staples of his wardrobe. I decided to further investigate these thoughts by taking a look at men's clothing site Red Square Clothing, and what I found really surprised me. 

some examples of items from the Red Square Clothing site.

The site stocks a large amount of brands and styles and I would liken it far more to the female-centred fashion sites than others I have seen before. There's a much bigger variety from preppy to vintage to street and everything in between such as this Pretty Green Union Jack T-shirt and I kind of want to buy everything and just play dress-up with it on my boyfriend! Not sure he'd appreciate it, but I'd have a good time :p


  1. I'm really liking that apple tshirt.
    I'm developing a habit of buying boy clothes when they're on sale...hats, belts, jumpers and cardigans. Oh and a tshirt or two. A lot of the time in TopShop-y places the guy section has all the nerdy/awesome designs. Even Primark does it! A Space Invaders tshirt I found there lately is proof.
    I don't have a significant other to play dress up with so I just do it myself. I honestly don't see the difference sometimes.

    Also, hello. =D

    1. Hello :)

      I'm the same, really; I will happily buy bits of boy-clothes but my issue is with most of the tees/jumpers I have an absolute phobia of high-necked (well, standard neck) things! I do not like things around my neck. xx

  2. Oh me too! I inherited that fear from my mam. When I buy tshirts the first thing I do is stretch the hell out of the neck part, and or cut it to make it wider.

    Someone once bought my mam a polo neck jumper and she put in on once and I swear I've never seen her more uncomfortable in my life.


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