Shoe Picnic: Hush Puppies Racey Heels

As a general rule, I'm of the belief that when it comes to heels, I really can't do low heels. It's either over a certain height or completely flat. I find generally with my overly huge feet (size 8 or even 9 sometimes in smaller sized brands) a low to mid heel can very much make your feet look larger than flats or higher heels could.

Irrational or not, this belief generally kept me away from low shoes but this cute pair, named Racey, have turned my head. They manage to combine shoes that look incredibly comfortable for walking in, which is a problem with higher heels, but are still quite chic and not-huge-looking in the curved shape of the upper and the heel.

These heels from Hush Puppies come in a white, black and brown but personally I'm a fan of the white as combined with a cute colourful dress and black tights it could look very retro-chic. The inner print adds something as well, making it a little less staid and more playful in design. The brown would make great workwear also.

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  1. Their look very comfortable for me too. And Hush Puppies are really great shoes. A very long life mark. I like the style of this shoe. Maybe in dark red for me. ;-)

    Greetings, P


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