Shoe Picnic: Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited

Even though the weather is still hot (I even wore flip-flops the other day!) I'm really looking forward to autumn-winter; I like layering and I'm fed up of having to sleep next to a fan every night because my tiny room gets so warm. Skechers have got a really good A/W collection out and these are one of my favourite pieces;

The Grand Jams are great for colder or icy weather. Not that there's ever a huge chance of snow or ice in the SW by the sea but when I do visit Stoke there's always a chance of snow as it's so much further up the country. These boots have a great combination of grip and warmth whilst still being nice to look at.

Grey when it comes to shoes is one of those colours that's very neutral and universal; it would look equally good with white tights and a colourful dress or with a monochrome outfit of black skinnies and black jumper. I could definitely picture myself stomping around in these! 


  1. I want to get a pair of decent boots this winter - the last two or three we've had snow and I've ended up with wet socks as my current boots leak lol. I might take a look at Sketchers :) Beats my walking boots when I get desperate.

  2. My apartment is absolutely boiling as well. I don't sleep with a fan but we have the window open and the road outside is pretty busy so I can't wait to be able to shut it xxx


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